The Ultimate Benefits on No.21 Flexibility

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Designers who are able to shift across cultures and come up with what is best suit for all of the cultures deserves credit. Alessandro Dell’Acqua was able to shift from pin-up girls that the sailors dreamed to have all the way to African textiles, which traces back to eighteenth-century and summertime flowers for romance, all engineered and ingeniously designed into a single collection. No.21 designs are the best so far for all time, covering the youthful wishes and covetable separates in the most ideal fresh and sexy appeal suitable for anywhere from boat yard to sunflower filed. These product are the most flexible one in the fashion industry because they are made based on the cultures of the world.


No.21 designs can be used with any other cloth mixed together based on the users taste. Its footwear product like sandals and satchels are ideal for using them indoors, although women’s type of the same sandals can the used in any place at any time except for formal occasion of cause. Accessories are naturally universal and thus can be used with any one’s option. The current world is a mess, people just dress the way they want and funny is that No.21 still advocates for that and people really loves it. If one could try to wear a floral-print, which is an inspired silk dresses that is short sleeved, he or she could freely brunch with the relatives without covering their arms with long sleeved knit layers and any number of knit would look just fine with jeans.

Alessandro started the industry for No.21 with women clothing alone. But the ability of this industry to expand and start producing the products available in the markets at the moment is a big reason for its flexibility nature to expand. There are men’s and women’s products, young and old products, and different categories including the footwear, clothing and accessories. The company takes the responsibility of screening the market and look for people’s wishes lists. Then use these lists to create products that solves the problems involved in the lists by using convenience method.


The industry is flexible to adapt any upcoming technologies. Since the 2010, when the company for No.21 was formed, a lot have changed in the fashion industry. Online services like marketing are now available and people are conduction business without meeting. The industry have taken this technology into their hands are now operating ecommerce. Innovation is the key for any company and it has to be realized early enough to avoid being faced out of the industry.

In summary, people have, naturally, high affinity for flexible product. No.21 products is capable of providing that. The fact that you can blend different products from other sources with these products is certainly a pillar reason for it exemplary performance in the industry. In addition, Alessandro’s products comes in set, just from the headwear to footwear. The designers have designed the combinations of these product such that one may not have to go out looking for what to match with their fancy clothes.